Hi! I'm Jandeep Singh Bindra or just call me JD.

I deal in three basic thinks that no one can't live without, These are House, Clothes and Food.

I started as a Real Estate Consultant, followed by creating my clothing brand and online store Vestiti1699.com, And now doing the thing I love the most and have passion for it i.e. food. I'm doing food tours in Delhi.

I am also passionate about learning everything, sometimes I pass or sometimes I fail, but I continue to get excited about new things and try to learn or do it by myself. I can speak 3.5 languages English, Punjabi, Hindi and a little be of Italian. I am trying pursue it, may in future I will be fluent in Italian too. I am also learning graphics software and programming languages and recently joined the diploma course in food production. So, Its a lot of self praising.

I live in New Delhi with my family. In my family we are four members and everyone is into different fields. My mother is a writer, lecturer and has done PHD. She is the most educated one in our family, my brother is a software engineer and my father has a restaurant which is 60 years old. My grandfather started that restaurant name Rajdhani in 1956 when he came from Pakistan. Its an award winning restaurant. You can say that my love for food is come from my grandfather and I will try to continue his legacy with my modern touch.

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