Fish, Rice n' Curry

Hi food lovers! Bangladesh is a riverine country with hundreds of rivers, canals and ponds which are full of different types of fishes. We are so fond of fish that we notable for being a fish loving nation acquiring a popular proverb "Machh-e-Bhat-e Bengali" means Bengali by fish and rice".

Fish dishes is must in Bengali meal.We make different,delicious fish dishes with different fishes.I want to share some of them with you.

Though Bangladeshi fishes are not available here so i will cook fishes which are available here but in Bangladeshi style.

If you like fishes and want to try fishes cooked in Bangladeshi style then don't hesitate, come and join with me.

I hope you will like it.......

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Hello Food Lovers! It's Sumona! I am from Bangladesh. I have been living in Europe since last three years. My hobby is gardening, photography,travelling and also I have immense passion for cooking. If you would like to taste Bangladeshi and Asian food and interested to know about Bangladesh, our culture, foods you are most welcome to visit my place. I hope you will not be disappointed!

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