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If your rice is so tasty and aromatic, it's going to be finished so fast, isn’t it? This time I would like to invite you for aromatic and delicious Bengali-style rice with curry. So hurry - grab it and finish this box in a trice.

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What's in the box?


Podstawą posiłku jest ryż - przygotowany przez Sumonę wygląda jak zwykły biały ryż, ale zaraz po spróbowaniu poczujecie różnicę. Sumona przygotowuje Pulao z ryżu Basmati, cebuli i mieszanki przypraw, które sprawiają, że jego smak i aromat jest unikalny.

This rice dish looks like normal boiled rice but when you will eat, you can feel the difference for sure! This pulao comes with Basmati rice, onion and spices ensuring its uniqueness from other rice dishes in both fragrances and tastes.

Sweet & Sour Chicken Curry

W tym rozpustnym curry zasmakujesz unikalnego połączenia lekko ostrych, słodkich i kwaśnych smaków. Będzie pysznie!

This is a deliciously rich curry where you get to taste little spicy, sweet and sour combination of all these flavours. 

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Hello Food Lovers! It's Sumona! I am from Bangladesh. I have been living in Europe since last three years. My hobby is gardening, photography,travelling and also I have immense passion for cooking. If you would like to taste Bangladeshi and Asian food and interested to know about Bangladesh, our culture, foods you are most welcome to visit my place. I hope you will not be disappointed!

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