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Namaste is how we greet each other in India. Bawarchi is a cook in Indian. I'm sharing a bit of my homeland with you with Namaste Bawarchi. Hope you'll enjoy my fragrant and rich meal.

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Daal mei Kaala

Pyszny i zdrowy daal na bazie soczewicy doprawiony indyjskimi przyprawami i ziołami. To podstawowe danie kuchni indyjskiej. Dil to po indysku serce, Daal od Suchandry rozgrzeje Twoje Dil :)

Tempered with spices and herbs, this lentil recipe is delicious as well as healthy. A must try from the Indian kitchen, you will say " My Dil (heart) goes Zoommm...umm!!!! " after having it.

Luv Szuv te Chicken Khurana

Pełne smaku i delikatne kawałki kurczaka. Gęsty, średnio ostry sos, którego bazę stanowi mieszanka przypraw i pewna domowa przyprawa, znakomicie podkreśla smak mięsa.

Plenty of flavour, a kick of spice and tender chicken pieces. The thick, medium-hot sauce made from a tasty blend of flavourings and a secret home-made spice perfectly coats and compliments the rich meat.


Nie ma dania, które nie smakowaloby świetnie z długoziarnistym ryżem Jeera, typowym dla subkontynentu indyjskiego. Przyprawy smażone w ghee (klarowanym maśle) sprawiają, że jest tak bogaty w smaku.

Made from a long slender-grained aromatic rice, traditionally from the Indian sub-continent, there is not a dish that does not taste great with a side of Jeera Rice. Select whole spices sauteed in Ghee (Clarified Butter) add plenty of flavour.

Cheeni Kum

Na subkontynencie indyjskim, ten pudding ryżowy jest często podawany jako deser. W zaeżności od regionu Indii znany jest jako Payasam, Payesh lub Kheer. Pyszny i pełen aromatu, a do tego zdrowy - Suchandra dodaje do niego mniej cukru. 

Rice pudding from the cuisine of the Indian Sub-continent, this dish is served as a dessert. Known as Payasam, Payesh or Kheer in different regions of India, this dish is tasty and fragrantful, yet has Cheeni Kum (less sugar).

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A social worker by profession and a voracious reader, I live to eat and to paint. Born and brought up in Kolkata, India (referred as The City of Joy), I have travelled across different states in the last 10 years. My travel based job not only gave me opportunities to meet different people but also to know about different cultures and cuisines. My best companions are my books, paint brushes and colours. Some of my dream destinations are Venice, Cairo, Athens.

I am passionate about working towards the development of society and have worked on various issues like women empowerment, education of the underprivileged and rural development.

If you wish to know more about me and my country, you've got to meet me soon :)

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