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I could live in my kitchen. There is so much light, green herbs, amazing smells and nice, quiet sounds of jazz music in the radio. In that room you can feel an enigmatic atmosphere, kind of like you are a young wizard in elixirs class. In that magic place, the idea of Perpetua was created.

Perpetua is Goddess of Plenty. This name was chosen by accident, but it turns that it’s perfect for my project. Saint Perpetua had visions, where she could see the garden of paradise full of wonderful gifts of nature. This is how I can imagine a place, where I could cook using only components of nature, fresh, juicy just "heavenly".

I feel that I have to share my passion with You. If You are fond of eating, I kindly invite you to try my tasty combinations that were poured into the jars :)

Food will not be served warm, so make sure to heat it up! Everything is packed in fully microwaveable pots :)

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What's in the box?

Chickpea soup

Rozgrzewająca i pełna aromatów zupa wywodząca się z kuchni indyjskiej. To propozycja w sam raz na zimowy wieczór.

Skład: bulion warzywny, marchewka, pietruszka, soczewica, ciecierzyca, ziemniaki, passata pomidorowa.

Full of flavors and warming soup originating in India. The best choice for long, cold evenings.

Ingredients: vegetable broth, carrot, parsley, lentils, chickpeaks, potatos, tomato mousse.

Chili sin carne

Wegańska wersja tej pysznej, meksykańskiej potrawy - powala różnorodnością smaków i kolorów. Założę się, że takiej wersji jeszcze nie jadłeś!

Składniki: fasola, batat, dynia, cebula, czosnek, pomidor.

Totally vegan version of traditional mexican dish - plenty of tastes and colors. I can guarantee, that you have never eaten anything like this before!

Ingredients: beans, sweet potato, pumpkin, onion, garlic, tomato.

Jasmine Rice

W kubeczku znajdziesz ugotowany, jaśminowy ryż. Dodaj go do chili sin carne, to idealne połączenie smaków! 

In a box you can find also one cup of boiled jasmine rice. You can add it to chili sin carne, it's a perfect match!


Parsley pesto

Jeśli lubisz lekki i intensywny smak pesto, na pewno będziesz się zajadać tą polską wersją. Idealna do kanapek lub dodatek do dań mięsnych.

Składniki: natka pietruszki, migdały, orzechy włoskie, oliwa z oliwek. 

If you like a gentle but intensiv taste of the original pesto, you'll be fond of this polish version. It's perfect for bread or tastes great with meal as well.

Ingredients: parsley leaves, almond, italian nuts, oil.

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About the cook, Kaśka

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Hi, I'm Kaśka. If I wanted to compare myself to some animal, it definately would be a wild hamster. Why? Because I'm a wandering plant-eater, who likes to eat and to stock up. During cold winter I'd prefer to sleep in warm cave, than freezing outside. In spite of my little height, I can be stubborn and I can fight for my rights.

What else? I like to experiment in cuisine, to penetrate a Slavic mythology and discover the secrets of natural medicine. The aim of my life is to traveling and knowing another cultures and new tastes.

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