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vegan/vegetarian curry box

i will serve 2 porota( bread), 300 gm potato curry, and 300gm chola. Bangladeshi porota- A flatbread made of wheat flour, butter.

Potato curry- Potato curry is a spicy vegetable curry by potato tomato and peas, we make different type of curry by using a different kind of fresh vegetables and spices.

Chola Mossola - A traditional Bangladeshi chick peas curry goes with potato and Bangladeshi spices. it is very delicious to eat with Bangladeshi bread.

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I am a teacher. I work with the young learner. I am a writer and woman entrepreneur. I have the experience in widely diverse fields. I worked in school, NGO, fashion house, law firm, food industry. I was born and grew up in Bangladesh which is famous for its distinctive taste. So I like to eat and cooking is like love for me. My mom's approach to food and cooking caused me to love this subject. I love doing experiments with food. When I am in the kitchen I start looking around to see what I have then play around with ideas. Usually, they are based around meat and vegetable in an Asian style of cooking. I love to cook for family and friends. I have friends from different parts of the world due to my stay in UK and Poland. My friends love my food and they keep encouraging me to do something with my cooking. I have so much passion for cooking good food, it brings me joy to watch others enjoy my food.

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