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Housewarming dinner.

I have recently moved back to my old place. It still is a little empty in some areas. Missing chairs, spoons and some other random stuff.

Instead of filling the space with stuff (check out classic George Carlin for definition) I want to make it warm with people gathered around a good meal and a friendly conversation.

Expect old favourites with a pleasant roast and loads of spring veg to celebrate spring.

Do not expect china and silver cutlery. Do expect a warm welcome, a home cooked meal and a host happy to see you.

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Om kocken, Maciek

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Jem świat - podróżuję i gotuję. Od czasu do czasu lubię się tym dzielić z innymi. Jestem członkiem CouchSurfingu, korzystam z AirBnb i podoba mi się idea Eatawaya :)

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