The Proof of the Pudding

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It’s all very well having a good idea, but it’s not always the case if you’re the only one who thinks so. With Eataway now up and running in Krakow (and soon in ?ódz), it’s been great to begin getting feedback from guests who have joined us for a local meal, either at our own home, or at the homes of other cooks who have joined Eataway. Many of them are now commenting on our reviews page (thank you!), but also in personal blogs or the press. Derek Brandon describes Eataway as ‘a sort of culinary Air B’n’B’, The Krakow Post comes up with ‘CouchSurfing for food lovers’, whilst Duncan Rhodes of Urban Travel Blog urges ‘those that have already upgraded their travels to Tourism 2.0’ to ‘check out the Krakow-based start up Eataway, a peer-to-peer platform where you can sign up for a meal in the house of a local.’ George Semler writes in The Daily Meal of ‘a new movement afoot called EatAway with Locals, which offers a chance to have a typical Krakovian meal in an amateur chef’s home at ridiculously low prices.’

It’s heartening that guests quickly understand what Eataway is all about and are excited enough to give it a go. Pioneers of the P2P space such as Uber, blablacar and Airb’n’b have helped create a climate whereby travellers no longer feel restricted to traditional hotels, taxis and restaurants, but are eager to explore new spaces, and (just as importantly, if not more so), meet new people. Essentially, to travel and live like locals. People feel increasing comfortable to stay at a foreigner’s home, travel in a private car instead of a taxi, or share a ride in a car with strangers and split the cost. And it’s now time for the same quiet but powerful revolution to take place with food. Nothing is more basic than the need to eat, and few things more pleasurable than making new friends over a shared meal. With the internet now providing us with previously unimagined possibilities to connect with people, we will focus our energy on simply creating an open platform for cooks and guests to find each other.

We believe passionately that food will bring us together. But don’t just take our word for it. Just go to an Eataway meal for yourself, or join us as a cook and share your passion for your local food and see what happens. After all, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.