How Eataway Can Help You Live Longer

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This summer the Wall Street Journal covered it, and now Wysokie Obcasy.  You just can't ignore the fact that being social will make you live longer, it has become actual science.  And we're not counting likes on Facebook, or snaps on Snapchat, we are talking about real person-to-person interaction.

Susan Pinker wrote for the WSJ, "A team led by Julianne Holt-Lunstad at Brigham Young University showed that living alone, or simply spending a lot of your time on your own, can compromise your physical and psychological resilience—whether or not you like your solitude. Published in Psychological Science in March, their data show that how much real social interaction you get is a good predictor of how long you will live."

So, if you needed a reason to join us at an Eataway meal, here it is!  Participating in a meal with locals, friends, travelers, and strangers, will surely meet your social requirements for the week.  And you may just find that putting your phone down for an evening and actually engaging with people is more fun than you remember it being. 

And if you don't feel like having to leave your house, just become an Eataway cook and bring the dinner party to you!