Having been born to a Hungarian mother, and raised in London it should have been obvious that food and all the diversity that it can bring would be a central theme in my life.

I cook. But not just one cuisine.

From Hungarian goulash (or pörkölt), home made Italian pasta, to a proper roast dinner with Yorkshire puddings. Or maybe you prefer Hong Kong style Chinese buffets, Thai stir frys, Indian curries, Jamaican BBQs and Moroccan Tagines? Sweets? Cheesecake, szilvás gombóc, baklava, apple pie, Eve's pudding or a proper chocolate fondant, I will attempt it all, and it will not appear on my table until it is perfect.

On warm days food will be served on the terrace.

Let me Entertain you.

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2 года
Gabriella became a cook in Kraków


Kraków, Poland
2 года
Gabriella joined Eataway in Kraków

Kraków Poland

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