10 Tips for How to Become the Best Eataway Cook

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So you've made a profile, and you've designed a menu, but how do you make sure your table is full every week? We've got our best tips and tricks for how to become the most popular Eataway cook in your city!

1. Choose a catchy title.

The title should be something short that catches people's eyes, but also fun! Put something that really embodies the meal in just two or three words. For example Kasia changes the name of her meal often to reflect what she is serving. This has included, "Viva Mexico", "Guilty Pleasures", "My Big Fat Greek Holiday!" Be inventive, be creative - it really helps!

2. Choose high-quality images.

The image that is displayed as your "meal card" on the meals page is the most important.  Take some time to create quality photos of your food, even read up about food photography.  But don't forget that guests also want to see what you look like, and what the dining area they will be in looks like!  The most important thing is lighting, and since most dinners will be held in dim-lighting you may find it helpful to set aside time during the day to make your recipes just for the purpose of photographing them. Or to even host a meal for family and friends for the purpose of photgraphing the event. 

3. Attend another Eataway cook's meal or plan a meet-up. 

Eataway is all about creating a community, so meet up with the other cooks in your area and get to know one another. Attend one of their meals so you can get a feel for what a meal is like, while also being able to interact with guests. Or offer to help each other so that you have an extra set of hands in the kitchen with you for your meal! 

4. Start with just one meal, at least 10 days from when you publish it.

You may think that offering a meal everyday gives people flexibility when to come to you and that being so available will help you, but in reality it is much better to just pick one date to start. By picking just one date for your first meal, we can be very focused with promotion.  And by giving yourself at least 10 days to promote it, you have plenty of time to get people interested and excited in your event.  When you throw a party for your friends do you tell them, "Hey! I'm having a party, you can come any day this week!" No, because you want everyone there on the same day. Think of Eataway as throwing a dinner party. You need one date, and enough time for people to RSVP.

5. Space out your meals.

After your first meal with guests happens, you may want to start having more! But remember, having one meal a week will lead to the most success. 

6. Be inventive with your menu.

If you want to host travellers from afar, they will be interested in your local cuisine, but if you want locals to join your meals, think about exotic cuisines that will excite them! You don't have to always cook one type of cuisine, really explore your culinary talents.

7. Adjust your price.

For your first few meals make sure to start at a much lower price than you want just to gain a following and start getting reviews. Adjust your prices accordingly, and think about hosting more affordable meals sometimes to make your meals available to a larger audience. 

8. Spread the word.

Tell your friends about your meal, invite them, and ask them to share on Facebook and other websites, so as many people as possible hear about the meal. Connect with your city's Facebook groups, especially ex-pat groups. And get in touch with our social media department so that they can help your meal get promoted on all the Eataway social platforms as well! 

9. Take photos of your meal and share them.

Take great photos the night of your meal, not only of the food, but also the people and your home! Upload these photos so others can see what they missed! And can get excited about joining your next event!

10. Get Reviews!

At the end of the meal be sure to remind guests to review you. Even take down their names and emails so that you can contact each guest directly about leaving a review. Your reviews are one of the most important things on your profile.