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От наших гостей...

Wojciech написал:

My first Eataway and I love the concept! Many thanks Sheuli for the great evening where great food combines with great people and interesting stories. I was very relaxed with my wife and we are hooked ;)

Обед с Sheuli

Stephen написал:

I'm a tour leader and brought my group of 8 to eat with Elzbieta and Marianna and we had a wonderful time! It was a great way to spend an evening, meet some locals and enjoy a delicious meal! They were so hospitable and made us feel so welcome. I will definitely be returning with groups in the future.

Обед с Elżbieta & Marianna

Gene написал:

We had a great time at Kasia's. Great food, main dishes spicy, tasty, with melt in your mouth cheesecake. We have been to Kasia's before and brought friends with us this time, who also loved the experience! Go! :)

Обед с Kasia