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Falafel Monster 1864

I can talk about Falafel for ever but I rather do that over a table full of food and cheerful company. So come join us for some delicious foods from all over the Middle East and get to know the most important stables on our table ! Hummus and Falafel

Don't be shy, grab a chair and join us!

*this meal is vegetarian but can be vegan on request

   Алкогольные напитки включены в цену     Разрешено приносить алкогольные напитки  

О поваре, Zara

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Cześć! I'm half a foodie and half a traveler.

Happens to live in Krakow and enjoys my little kitchen experiments and adventures with food.

I would like to bring a touch of the traditional Middle Eastern flavors and dishes with me to this town. I will be fusing ingredients from Iranian pistachios and saffron, Arabic spices and herbs, Levantine mezzes and delights with whatever fresh ingredients I can get my hands on from Hala Targowa soooo


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