I was born on Polish Eastern Borderlands called “Kresy”. Cooking is my life passion since a long time - I have been cooking since my childhood thanks to my grandma, who had graduated home economics in Lviv and taught me a lot of dishes. Because I was born in the USSR, I am also very familiar with Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian and Kazakh cuisines as well as cooking traditions of minorities living in Lviv: Tatars, Jews, Armenians. During my studies I got familiar with the cuisines of Latin America and Africa. Because I married a Tunisian guy, I used to spend a lot of time in Tunisia, so my ex mother -in-law taught me how to cook Tunisian food. Since several years I have a Vietnamese boyfriend who, like me, is a cook. I cook professionally since 20 years, but I don’t work in a restaurant. He and I would love to offer people the authentic cuisine of Vietnam. No shortcuts. I cook, I tempt, I educate! I ferment everything what can be fermented, from all parts of the World!

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