My name is Maja. I grew up in a small town in the Upper Silesia in the southern Poland. Now I live in Warsaw with my fiance Grześ and our dog Frania. However, for the past 8 years my home was on the airplane as I travelled the world for work. I used to live in cities like NY, Paris or Tokyo. While getting to know different cultures and people my passion for food, cooking and eating developed. Last year I started working in a restaurant in Warsaw and made sure that kitchen is the place where I feel complete. It was my grandma who taught me the traditional Polish dishes, but while travelling I learnt the taste of other cuisines. I experiment and create my own recipes using fresh quality products that I always buy from the trusted farmers at the local market. Besides cooking I also style the dishes and together with my boyfriend Grześ , who is a photographer, we created „Warsaw Foods” - a food photography platform.

My other passions are running, bikram yoga, snowboarding, tennis, movies and so on. I finished two marathons and I train for another one.

I’m super open and I love to meet new people, so the idea of sharing the table with you guys out there is super exciting !

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3 years
Maja became a cook in Warsaw


Warsaw, Poland
3 years
Maja joined Eataway in Warsaw

Warsaw Poland

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