Calgary, Canada   4 months ago
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4 months
Delaney reviewed Marta
Marta was a fantastic host!! She taught us so much about making pierogi, and then to follow that, we got to eat not only the pierogi, but an amazing meal with several delicious courses. One of the dishes was sour rye soup -- SO GOOD!! After that, we had sour rye soup every day on our trip, and want to try making it at home ourselves. Thank you Marta! EatAway is so fantastic.
4 months
Delaney reviewed Patrizia
I would recommend this class to everyone! Patrizia was all around amazing - amazing person, amazing cook, and amazing host!! She was incredibly kind and we cannot stop dreaming about all the food we ate last night. She told us how to make ricotta cheese (surprisingly easy!), and then taught us how to make ravioli and tagliatelle. Everything we did, she explained how to do it at home in Canada, so we are 100% going to try and make the food we had with Patrizia (though I don't know if it could ever be as good as hers!) I learned so much about Italian food and culture. What an amazing experience :)
4 months
Delaney booked a meal with Patrizia in Florence
45 EUR
Sun, 6 Aug @ 19:30
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4 months
Delaney requested a meal with Patrizia

5 months
Delaney booked a meal with Marta in Kraków
20 EUR
Thu, 27 Jul @ 18:00
218 reviews
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10 months
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