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4 days
Alexey reviewed a meal with Sheuli
I absolutely enjoyed visiting Sheuli's event. It turned out it was a Holi Feast in India that day. Not only did the owners cook amazing meal but also they explained the cultural aspects of such holiday. The food was really really amazing. It goes with wine so well which was great also. There were so many different variations of food which I wanted to try ad truly enjoyed it so I went 100% full from the event. I look forward for having next event at Sheuli. I hope I'd be invited) Thank you Sheuli for such a great event)
3 weeks
Alexey booked a meal with Sheuli in Kraków
95 PLN
Festival of Indian culture!
Sat, 16 Mar @ 19:00
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2 months
Alexey reviewed a meal with Ahmad and Safa
I really enjoyed eating away with Ahmad. Not only did he cook an amazing Arabic style chiken with rice, but also he explained Arabic culture to us, which was quite intersting. I really enjoyed having company with Ahmad. He has a great sense of humor so I believe he should try himself in stand up comedy show one day). If he runs such event again, I will defenetly go there again!
2 months
Alexey booked a meal with Ahmad in Kraków
40 PLN
Sat, 26 Jan @ 14:00
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2 months
Alexey reviewed a meal with Mira
I absolutely loved the event. Not only Mira is a great a cook but also she is a fantastic person for the whole company to spend an evening with. She has touched so many lives with that touching, warm and very delicious hospitality. I look forward to having the next event again! Thank you Mira again for your hospitality.
3 months
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Kraków, Poland
3 months
Alexey booked a meal with Mira in Kraków
80 PLN
Fri, 11 Jan @ 19:00
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