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Hello, my name is Debora. I am a Swiss psychologist and also passionate about food, cooking, health, and learning about nutrition. I love to be creative in the kitchen and since I have become vegan four years ago it has been an even more exciting journey. Vegan isn’t about sacrifice. It is about feeling more energetic, balanced, and satisfied. And this is what I would like you to experience.

For the past three years when I was travelling I cooked for many people around the world. The feedback that they don’t miss meat or any other animal products when I cook always puts a smile on my face. I also hosted vegan potluck dinners and cooking classes in different parts of the world which has always been a great way to connect to all kind of people. Plus I have been writing a cook book since over a year now.

From my travels I always come back inspired by different cuisines and since my boyfriend and I love to have people over for lunch or dinner, learn about their stories, culture and experiences we decided to join Eataway. I think it is a great way to connect people over food.

Please come and experience a delicious meal with us on Ignacego Krasickiego.

Love, Debora

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Magda reviewed a meal with Debora
Deborah prepared a delicious meal for us, accompanied by a nice drink made with ginger and orange. The vegan carbonara sauce was very tasty and the vegan tiramisu' was unforgettable. Deborah and her partner are really great hosts, they entertrained us with conversation and we couldn't finish! :)
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Kraków, Poland
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