Hi! I’m Sabina.

I’m a born and bred Cracovian who respects our culinary traditions, but also likes to experiment. My grandmother, who had her own bakery, always fed us with the most delicious breads and pastries, thus forming my own breakfast tastes.

At the same time my family, having a lot of friends from other countries, cultivated in me an endless love for food. When I started travelling I finally began to understand the roots of our own Polish cooking tradition. I pay homage to Israeli cuisine, as a country which is such a melting pot of cultures can only be the source of good food in which everyone can find something for themselves.

Together with my five-year-old son we are preparing for you a special welcome :) From September we invite you to join us for Friday Shabbat dinners that are a marriage of our cultures, replete with a multitude of local produce and original spices of Israel, as well as to Saturday brunches following a whirlwind of food buying at the nearby outdoor food market; or join me for Sunday dinners – just like at home with Mum :)

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Sabina   Kraków
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