First and foremost I’m a food freak. I remember when I was eight, I cut a mask out of a cardboard so that I could reheat some food left in the fridge. At that point my head was the height of the stove and I didn’t want the sputtering hot oil to burn my face, while I was mesmerized by the culinary creations taking shape in the frying pan.

I cooked constantly growing up, but I never thought of making it my living. In the last 10 years I started to focus more on my food work, transitioning between boutique kitchens, organic restaurants, high end catering ventures, menu consultancies, private functions, food magazines and books collaborations, food and art projects, workshops and presentations – all done between Mexico, Europe and Asia.

I tend not to separate my private life from work I do. One is important part of another – this is where the idea of creating a space where I live and work at the same time, came from. A place where I rest, spend time with friends, learn new things, experiment and share my passion for food with. What is the most important for me is the ability to create a platform for people to experience something tangible, a create a connection between them, a vehicle for memories and emotions. It took a whole year to find, design and finish up the right space. A combination of al the visual references I got to experience living in so many different places – yet a place that would also trigger my most intimate childhood memories. The outcome is a cosy, private space in the very heart of my favorite Warsaw district – Saska Kepa. A contemporary space that can accommodate up to 16 guest for a very intimate dinning experience. I need to constantly grow in my work and every time I'm coming up with a completely new menu of an imaginative plant based supper. I also do short culinary courses and verey soon will start shooting my very own Youtube channel.

I've literally brought the meaning of “mi casa es su casa “ into Warsaw food scene giving You a chance to experience something completely new. From the bottom of my heart I’m seeding my love, energy and thoughts into my food. Enjoy.

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