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I have a family consisting of a one wife, two children, one very soppy Staff, (dog) and six cats.

We live in a beautiful part of England, on the edge of the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire.

I enjoy a variety of things, travelling, archery, music from classical to heavy rock, films, motorcycling, riding and reading about rides, books, a variety of subjects but especially travel adventures, ...and duvet days.

My ideal past time is, getting on my bike and heading out, with only a rough idea of a direction, or a destination, and seeing what unfolds on the way.

When I go out on trips with friends, they know at some point I will disappear, and it's, " oh, Jan's off again".

Even though I have broken through the half century, my mind is still twenty or more years behind, and trying new experiences such as this, keeps me from getting old in spirit, even if the body is giving in.

I am travelling to Warszawa next.

This site is very exciting and it's very much in my nature, to go off the 'beaten track' and try something different.

I hope I can make the most of something friendly and unusual, whilst travelling, as this site appears to be just that.

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