Hanoi, Vietnam   12 months ago

Hello friends! We are Kelly, Tony and Alex. We live in Hanoi rural areas and we love traveling. We have worked in tourism for more than 10 years and we are so interested in the local interactions or bring unique, authentic experiences to foreigners. We feel so happy when we see a big smile on your faces and we want to introduce Vietnam' cuisine to people all around the world.

We love reading books, travel around Vietnam and neighbor countries such as Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. We have many friends in these countries and each year, we have parties to share our story or travel with others.

We love the sustainable tourism and we want each traveler when visiting our country, will want to come back one day!

We are not stranger, we are friends and we are willing to pass all the distance, make the world becoming real flat :).

Let's come to Vietnam and visit us. We have many interesting stories to share with you.

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12 months
Sweet became a cook in Hanoi


Hanoi, Vietnam
12 months
Sweet joined Eataway in Hanoi

Hanoi Vietnam

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