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laureen reviewed a meal with Asude
We had the most amazing time at Asude's, talking about Turkey's food history, influences and dishes. It was our most memorable night in Istanbul. If you are looking not just to have an amazing meal, but also to spend time with a local to understand Turkey much more, you have found the right person to do so with. Asude's passion for culinary doesn't just stop at her cooking, she has a whole library of books to back up her findings! Ask her about what the Ottomans had on their menu when they had guests over in the 19th Century ;) Asude, we hope to meet you and your 2 lovely cats again!
7 months
laureen booked a meal with Asude in Valide-I Atik Mahallesi
25 EUR
Sat, 29 Dec @ 18:30
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