I just love cooking, sharing & eating. HEALTHY.

I'm eco-activist, in love with The Planet Earth, sustainable development&environmental protection. I have always felt strongly connected to the trees and to the animals that live among us (or we live among them). I try to reduce the negative impact of the environment, so my kitchen is mainly based on local products, but also on CERTIFIED products from all over the world. I love traveling, during each trip I get new kitchen inspirations.

Right now working in NGO in Kraków, Poland. I also regularly carry out scientific research in small oasis in Morocco, eating raw, yummy dates everyday.

I’m definitely positive person, full of energy and enthusiasm. I always try to create a vibrant, energetic atmosphere where people admire and respect each other. Such an opportunity for me is to be a cook on Eataway! I want to share love by food that I prepare for you.

My plan is to own a restaurant in the future, and Eataway is a great experience and a first step in this direction.

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3 years
Beata became a cook in Kraków


Kraków, Poland
3 years
Beata joined Eataway in Kraków

Kraków Poland

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