I started to cook over a quarter of a century ago. It was a great way to catch the attention of girls. Because I have already found the girl I most wanted, I now cook for pleasure! I love going to the market and deciding on the spot what's for dinner today.

Fresh produce, according to the seasons, from proven vendors - that’s what my purchases look like, and my cooking looks exactly like what it is - from the heart, with care, sometimes with a touch of madness.

I invite you to my dining room overlooking the Old Żoliborz district of Warsaw. If the weather permits, coffee and dessert will be served on the terrace, five stories above the streets of Żoliborz.

For almost 14 years I owned a fairly well-known restaurant specializing in dishes of Jewish cuisine. I took part in entertainment projects related to Hungarian, Arabic and Polish cooking.

Besides cooking my second passion is traveling. I love Asia with its excellent street food and its sometimes rather strange culinary ideas!

Languages spoken:
5 years
Robert joined Eataway in Warsaw

Warsaw Poland

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