Auckland, New Zealand   7 months ago
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7 months
Amazing food - 10/10. Vegetarian food was super tasty, a lot of effort was put in to prepare the food, especially since I had a dietary requirement. Company was excellent too. Highly recommend if you're in Warsaw :)
9 months
Devika booked a meal with Kasia & Patryk in Warsaw
80 PLN
Fri, 25 Aug @ 19:00
7 reviews
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10 months
Elizbieta and Marianna were the perfect hosts, great chat, excellent food, especially the home made apple pie!
10 months
Devika requested a meal with Kasia & Patryk

Kasia & Patryk
2 years
Devika booked a meal with Elżbieta & Marianna in Kraków
100 PLN
Traditional Polish Meal
Thu, 23 Jun @ 18:00
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2 years
Devika joined Eataway in Auckland