Kraków, Poland   7 months ago

Hi, my name is Shunsuke.

I'm Japanese and have just started to travel around Poland and other cities in Europe.

I arrived in Kraków at the beginning of this December.

I liked this city very much so I decided to live in Kraków for a while.

I love eating local food, so I got interested in eataway.

I'd like to meet many people from all over the world through food and enjoy the time we share during eating.

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8 months
Shunsuke reviewed a meal with Marta
8 months
Shunsuke booked a meal with Marta in Kraków
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Mon, 15 Oct @ 10:30
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Shunsuke reviewed a meal with Małgorzata & Piotr
Thank you very much Małgorzata & Piotr! I really enjoyed the Easter meal, it tasted so great! While I was having a meal, I felt really happy not only because every meal was fantastic, but also because I had a really nice conversation with you and the other guests :) In addition, the interior of the house was very beautiful and I could relax in the warm atmosphere of it. This Eataway experience at your house was definitely beyond my expectations and I cannot thank you enough for the hospitality :) Happy Easter!! Dziękuję bardzo za wspaniały klimat i pyszne potrawy Wielkanocne! Dzięki wam, mogłbym tam spędzić bardzo miły czas :) Bardzo podobał mi się w twoim mieszkaniu i nie wiem, jak wam się odwdzięczę :) Dziękuję bardzo i Wesołych Świąt Wielkanocnych!!
1 year
Shunsuke booked a meal with Małgorzata & Piotr in Kraków
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Sat, 31 Mar @ 13:00
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Kraków, Poland
2 years
Shunsuke reviewed a meal with Gosia
It was my first Eataway experience for me and it was so amazing! Gosia and her family welcomed me so warmly and I felt at home from the first moment. And every meal was so delicious that I felt really happy :) I had a nice conversation too and could know more about Kraków and other Polish cities, Polish food, and Polish cultures. Thank you very much for creating such a nice atmosphere Gosia! It was a great opportunity for me to experience how people enjoy the time in Poland :) Do zobaczenia i śzczęśliwego nowego roku!
2 years
Shunsuke booked a meal with Gosia in Kraków
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Fri, 29 Dec @ 19:00
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