Kraków, Poland   2 months ago
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2 months
Chris reviewed Mira
A wonderful social evening. Good food, good drink, good company, good cause!
3 months
Chris booked a meal with Mira in Kraków
50 PLN
Sat, 18 Nov @ 19:00
484 reviews
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5 months
Chris booked a meal with Suchandra in Kraków
60 PLN
Karen's fundraiser!
Sat, 16 Sep @ 12:00
14 reviews
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7 months
Chris reviewed Karen
You'll never leave Karen's hungry! There's plenty of choice and food can be eaten in a casual, laid back atmosphere in the interesting company of an international crowd.
9 months
Chris booked a meal with Karen in Kraków
60 PLN
Sun, 21 May @ 12:00
21 reviews
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10 months
Chris reviewed Khawla
A really authentic taste of Morocco. Great to have a vegetarian meal.
10 months
Chris booked a meal with Khawla in Kraków
60 PLN
Sat, 1 Apr @ 19:00
71 reviews
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1 year
Chris requested a meal with Pascal

1 year
Chris joined Eataway in Kraków

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