Wrocław, Poland   7 miesięcy temu

I'm an open person, very easy to make contacts with new people. I deeply appreciate travelling, because I can learn something about other cultures and people. I'm a quite good cook... at least my friends says so :P

What else... I really like music and dance, my favourite radio in Wrocław is RAM 89,8. From sports I like diving, fitness, jogging, skiing, cycling. Hmmm that's enough ;)

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Kate   Wrocław
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Mira is a very friendly person, so this dinner was amazing experience for me and my friend. Whole menu was perfect, in my favourite Asian style. I can complain only about one thing… I eat too much and had remorse ;) The flat is spacious with a perfect view, I love this place. I hope I will have opportunities to come again. Definitely I can recommend this host!
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