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My name is Aga. Why I decided to become a Eataway cook? Because cooking makes me feel relaxed and enjoying good food makes me feel truly happy.

If the atmosphere is joyful and company to celebrate meals is nice, I am in heaven.

I like meeting new people, listening their stories and getting new point of view.

I get kitchen inspiration from travels or memories of the family home where good meal was an inseparable element of the cosy life.

My culinary specialty is sweet tarts, so this one item on the menu is always certain.

The rest is the result of creative inventiveness.

See you by the table!

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I strongly recommend "The Levantine" experience. It was a very nice gathering by the table full of tasty, light and oriental dishes. I was really enjoying diner made by Zara. The food was delicious, & the atmosphere she has created was warm and cosy.
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Kraków, Poland
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