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We joined Sabine and four other guests for a morning of creating and eating traditional Polish food. Sabine is a very warm and welcoming host and her professional catering background meant the food she made was delicious and she was calm and unflustered throughout. We arrived to the delicious scent of freshly baked challah, which we ate with butter and a choice of local honey or homemade gooseberry jam which we washed down with a shot of homemade quince vodka. Non-alcoholic drinks were also available! We then donned our aprons and, using dough that Sabine had already made, we attempted to plait our own challah loaves whilst Sabine told us about the history of Jewish food and culture in Krakow. Whilst the loaves were baking, we had a go at kneading and rolling the pierogi dough. Using two choices of filling – baby broad beans and mint or potatoes, fried onion and cheese – we attempted to create our own signature pierogis with varying degrees of success. These were then boiled and served with butter and fried lardons and were absolutely delicious. We also made a sweet version with strawberries, served with cream and sugar – incredibly simple and really good. In addition to the pierogis, we also ate homemade chilled beetroot soup and a bowl of bilberries with sugar and cream. The relaxed atmosphere meant we all chatted and swapped stories about food and asked Sabine lots of questions about the Krakow food scene and Polish food traditions. She recommended two local food places which we went on to visit and thoroughly enjoyed (a Georgian restaurant – GMT and Meat and Go – serving American deli style overstuffed sandwiches and craft beers). So – if you love food – making it, eating it or talking about it – or all three – this is for you! Highly recommended.
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