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Kraków, Poland
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Dorota reviewed a meal with Hanna&Coen
I would like to say thank you to both great hosts for a very pleasant and delicious introduction to my adventure with Eataway! Food was amazing - traditional, but with Hana's personal touch. I can especially recommend you the mouth-watering tomato soup made from fresh tomatoes, what gives an extra natural, "yummy" flavor. The vegetable salad is very apetizing too. It brings the best memories of home and the family feasts. The atmosphere was great, a lot of laughter, care and coziness. The hosts made me feel comfortable in their presence thanks to their very nice way of being. That in addition to all the tasty dishes made this evening very enjoyably spent time! Seek for yourselfs, it's really worth it :)
2 lata
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50 PLN
pt., 22 wrz @ 18:30
35 recenzji
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Kraków Poland

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