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AphrodisiacMenu, RomanticMenu

Aphrodite is the goddess of LOVE, so we propose a menu afrodisíaco in honor to this divinity: Aphrodisiac menu, romantic menu, menu to love, menu because you are in love.

A menu for your couple and you to fall IN LOVE again and again.

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Rico is a Spanish chef. He has worked in restaurants like Martín Berasategui (3 stars Michellín) and Mirador de Ullia (1 star Michellín).

Myself, Irene, I am a passionate culinary and Rico's main fan. So, finally, I have convinced him to open our home to people to taste his food. I also design and make the ceramic in which we put the dishes of the menu, according to the needs of the dishes elaborated by Rico.

Our aim is to offer sensory, gustatory and visual pleasure in each dish.

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