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Niko's Taco Tuesday 3825

Menu consist of crisp Mexican style chicken tacos made with authentic home style corn tortillas from here in Poland, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, garlic, cilantro, and a home made Mexican style cream sauce, served with tortilla chips, a side of fresh quacamole, home made salsa, potato salad, chocolate brownie, and a beer, glass of wine, or ice tea. * Feel free to bring your own beverages as well. ** Tacos without meat can be made upon request.

O kucharzu, Nick


Hello, My name is Nick(Niko) and I am from California. My grandparents were born and raised in Mexico and I spent time living down in Leon, Guanajuato playing basketball after graduating from my University. I have always enjoyed cooking and traveling to new places. When in other countries my friends all ask me to cook them my Niko's Tacos upon my arrival. I have now successfully cook tacos in 10 countries and hope that you will enjoy tasting my food as well. Hope to see you soon.

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