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A taste of Ceylon

Some people travel to see monuments and buy souvenirs, I personally travel to try new dishes and buy more herbs and spices.

This time I would like to offer to share my experience with Sri Lankan cuisine, rich in flavors and hint of coconut yet not so spicy food that I am more than eager to share with everybody.

So feel invited to join the festivity.

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O kucharzu, Zara

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Cześć! I'm half a foodie and half a traveler.

Happens to live in Krakow and enjoys my little kitchen experiments and adventures with food.

I would like to bring a touch of the traditional Middle Eastern flavors and dishes with me to this town. I will be fusing ingredients from Iranian pistachios and saffron, Arabic spices and herbs, Levantine mezzes and delights with whatever fresh ingredients I can get my hands on from Hala Targowa soooo


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