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Zbiórka dla dzieciaków!

Przyszła jesień - dla dzieciaków z Brześcia!

We can't deny it anymore. Autumn has come! Behind the window is getting dark, gray and rainy. But isn't it one of the coziest time of the year? When we can sit all together enjoy a tasty meal, warm house, and a good company! To make you feel better and at the same time to do a good deed (this dinner supports charity action Children from the Brzesc station) we invite you to join us during this meal :)

What is it all about? We the cooks, always feel like helping. We’ve seen Marina doing so many good things for the refugee kids stuck in Brześć, that we immediately felt like doing something together and here we go - cooks united again. Come and join our dinner - all the profits from this one will be donated to support Dzieci z Dworca Brześć - learn more about them here:


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O kucharzu, Hanna&Coen

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We are a Polish-Dutch combo. I (Hanna) come from the beautiful city of Krakow and Coen comes from the beautiful city of Amsterdam. After living for about three years in Amsterdam, we moved back (together with our cat Kacper) to Krakow to begin our Polish adventures.

We love to have people around and to give them the best treatment possible. I would like to introduce you to the Polish cuisine that, I believe, is still not well discovered. My second passion that I would like to share with you is my great affection for Polish art&culture and my knowledge about my hometown - Kraków. Join us in our cozy apartment on Salwator hill and have a taste of the Polish hospitality!

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