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Taste of Bengal

1. Basanti Polao:

Basanti pulao is a traditional Bengali recipe made specially for festivals or special occasions. Made using aromatic rice, turmeric and dry fruits, this sweet rice is a delight to eat.

2. Kosha Murgir Mangsho

A culinary style originating from Bengal, India. Chicken Cooked with Potato in onion, ginger, garlic gravy with Indian Spices.

3. Gajar Halwa

A mouth watering indian traditional desert mix with Carrot, Fat milk, clarified butter (Ghee) and Sugar

About the cook, Hunger's Stop


Achira and Sneha are self-taught cook and have been hosting and entertaining friends and family for over 10 years. They are originally from East India, The City of Joy (Calcutta) and have been living in Krakow since 2016.

When they came to the Krakow 2 years ago, they brought with them all the tastes of home.

They will present you the taste of Indian, & Bangladeshi Foods with fusions.

They gained widespread popularity for their unique menu items such as Mogholian Biriyani (Rice-based dish made with bengali spices, fried rice and Chicken), Basanti Polao (sweet rice is a delight to eat), Kosha Mangsho (Chicken stewed in an onion based sauce, flavored with ginger, garlic, chillies and a variety of spices),

Mughlai Paratha(Egg stuffed slightly fired Indian flat bread, a true bengali delicacy) and Rosogolla (Sweets of Bengal).

Some Indo Chinese dishes are also prepared by them in a traditional way.

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