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One of the most touching Polish Christmas traditions is to leave a spare chair for a lonely stranger. This year, we’re aiming at you to open up for Christmas. Hosting someone, maybe a potential friend could be a great experience. We also understand that it might get hard - you might be leaving for the holiday for example, but still, you’d like to contribute. Well, we know that there are people who cannot leave their homes for Christmas. We’ll deliver the Christmas packages full of traditional dishes made by our cooks and you can help us out by donating the Chrismtassy box!

Małgorzata & Piotr, Marta, Hanna and Dorota will prepare Christmas boxes for those in need. You can donate 30 zł for a Christmas Box for a person in need, it’ll cover the costs of the products. What will be served? Christmas flavours in full effect: the herring, the cabbage, the kutya, the so-Polish veggie salad and the apple pie!

We’re organizing the action with the support of Municipal Centre for Social Care and Helclów’s Social Care Centre - the packages will reach those who won't be able to spend the Christmas surrounded by the family.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We're using the pick-up meal form to collect the funds. When donating a box, simply select any hour.

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We the cooks, unite to make our world a slightly better place to live. Believing that small actions have great impact, this time all of our efforts come together to cook and support the kids from the Children’s Centre at Parkowa Street.

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