Eataway. A home-cooked revolution.

Our world is changing. Eataway is creating a worldwide community of local cooks and people looking for delicious home-cooked food.

So no longer do you only have a choice between eating at a restaurant or cooking for yourself. Now you can eat at a cook’s home in your neighbourhood - or get fresh home-cooked food delivered from them to you.

Supporting home-made food brings our communities together, is gentler on the environment, supports our local economies, and encourages healthy eating.

Food-sharing also has an important socio-economic element. We believe that by encouraging ecological and economical cooking, we can limit food waste in the long run and also tackle the problem of the elderly isolated in our society.

Strengthening our Communities.

Nothing brings people together better than a shared meal. Sitting down together and eating gives us time to talk and to learn from others, and turns strangers into friends. In our hectic, increasingly fragmented and challenging world, where many people feel isolated, we’re using the tools of the internet to draw people together once more. One meal at a time.

Respecting our Environment.

We’re all about local food, supporting and sourcing quality local ingredients, cooking it at home and feeding people - locally. We’re against bulk food processing, and multinational food factories with their heavy carbon footprint and profit-first ideologies. For our takeaways, we use recyclable or compostable packaging, and wherever we deliver, we make sure we can reach our guests by bike!

Better Value for Everyone.

We’re here not only to inspire our great local cooks but also give them a platform to earn with their skills. Our fantastic delivery team can also earn for their cycling efforts. We’re opening new paths that empower local people and brings better value-for-money in our own neighbourhoods.

Home-cooked Freshness.

Our cooks feed their own families the very same food they make for you. That means no shortcuts with quality of ingredients or preparation. We believe in simple, well-made home-cooked food. Just as food should be.


"Eataway is like my second life to me. Meeting newcomers every week and preparing meals for them makes me hard-working and feel fulfilled. "

Mira from Korea
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"Unlike with religion or politics, people don't argue over food, we just share and talk and I like that!"

Michal from Slovakia
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"I believe that food is not only for living or to mitigate hunger. To me food is passion, art and one of the best possible ways to win people’s heart and love."

Sumona from Bangladesh
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