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A taste of South India

Most Indian meals one gets in Europe is predominantly from the northern part. The southern region has its own flavours, its own language, different spices and differently delicious. Think Dosais (rice pancake) and Idlis (Steamed Rice) with delectable chutneys and lentil soups to go with it. And of course the classic four coloured rice - Lemon Rice, Coconut Rice, Tamarind Rice and Yogurt Rice! This with some basic vegetables cooked in the classic Tamilian style is something that I love (not biased at all!) but something you in your lifetime SHOULD taste :)

In short, you have a mini- taster of some of the classic Tamil / South Indian dishes with this takeaway option.

In this takeaway option, tentatively, you will 3 kinds of rice, 1 lentil soup dish (Koothu) to go with the rice and 2 vegetables.

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Over de kok, Sindhuja

Born in Chennai, moved to Cardiff and now in Krakow. I had a turbulent start with cooking; for starters I had no interest in it. But being a poor PhD student in the UK gave me no choice but to develop this skill and now my mother is VERY proud :) I enjoy food, I enjoy traveling and I enjoy different cultures and I try to incorporate these elements in all aspects of my life.

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