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USA and French Masterchef dishes

If you have a chance to watch American master chef 2012 - Christina Ha and French Master chef 2015 - Khanh Ly. Both of them grew up abroad but as traditional family Mom is the one who cook for family, it is the best way inherite the cooking passion and to see that as an art. Both of them bring Vietnamese flavor into the competition, more vegatables, more green herbs, ginger ... into the the dishes they cooked

In our meal, we do not eat soup first. We eat rice with everything we could get on table and during eating rice we could have soup. So i will not seperate soup into starter.

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About the cook, Mai

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I were born and brought up tradditional family with two sibblings in Vietnam. I learnt cooking from my mother -grandmother, relatives and from different families. I started cooking when I was 5 and at the same time taking care of my younger brother, feed him and cuddle him and half of the day I studied at school. I was born in the enviroment that we need to get food from natural, raising Poultry (ducks, goose, chicken...), My garden was so big that all kind of vegetables and fruits we could eat whole year. Plus, sometimes in the evening me and my older sister went to catch fish,frog and different kind of snails. My childhood was just amazing and Iam extremely happy to be born in poor time following of my country. That is the way I still keep living healthy life till now. I like to do everything from scratch to become a finished meal. Moreover, my father is herb doctor, I also learn how to eat properly when we have sickness.

My friends said to me Asian looks younger than Westerners because of good genes. I would never agree with that explaination, some of us has good gene and the rest from the food we consume everyday.

I has been living in Warsaw for more than 4 years. I know the Vietnamese restaurents in Warsaw. There are only 1-2 dishes which are original dishes, most of restaurents in Warsaw served for Westerners not for Vietnamese not so high quality.

My collegue advised me this site to share my cuisine to everyone. So I decided to do it

For women, I would share the tips of skin care and use natural herb to take care of hair

I work during the week and only have time at the weekend

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