5 Great Reasons to host an Eataway Cooking Class

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Sharing makes us happy - so it's time to share your great cooking skills - and your story!

1.Share your skills

It’s official ! A recent survey in Britain showed that 8 in 10 people stated that sharing makes us happier! So what better way to make ourselves and those around us happier than by sharing our cooking skills? Many home cooks have one or two things that they cook, bake, ferment or otherwise prepare just that little bit better than everything else. Now is the time to share not only the recipe and ingredients, but most importantly the actual hands-on experience of making that special thing, so that others can benefit and keep the tradition going! Whether it is something like Marta’s famous cheesecake and pierogies, or the secrets of a perfect kimchi (taught by Mira, a Korean living in Krakow), Eataway cooking classes give you the opportunity to share your culinary secrets and make the world just that little bit happier!

2.Meet your neighbours - local and global

Eataway cooking classes are the perfect opportunity for you to get closer to your community and meet new people in your neighbourhood. Whether you have just moved to a new city or town, or have been in the same place for some time but still not met everyone around you, cooking classes are the perfect opportunity to meet people. Wherever we come from and whatever our background and culture, everyone needs to eat, and classes provide an informal and fun way of doing this. If you are teaching how to make food that is traditional to the area you currently live in, expect travellers from afar to be your main guests. However, if you are new to an area, your cooking will be exotic and fascinating to those who now live around you. If you’re a Thai and living in Moscow, Chinese and living in Spain, or a Pole in Portugal, your new neighbours will love to learn from you - and get to know you better!

3. Share your story

It’s not just about the ingredients and the process. Every great cooking lesson tells us just as much about the cook and their story. Is your delicious pasta sauce a secret you learned from your grandma? Does your banana bread have a special story behind it? These are the special moments that make cooking classes with home cooks so unique and memorable. Of course, every good meal or dish is based on a recipe and quality food items purchased locally, but it is the passion that comes from the story that truly shines through when tasting the final article. So as a host, remember to share your story as much as the process - it truly is the magic ingredient!

4. Improve your confidence - and your cooking

For many people, even if they are really good and confident cooks, the thought of trying to teach others might be a bit overwhelming. But those who take on challenges in life - big or small - rarely regret them! Hosting a cooking class at your home is a fantastic way to improve your teaching skills, and it is really easy to get started. By concentrating on something simple that you can cook really well, the stress of trying to ‘get it right’ is kept to a minimum. Most importantly, guests are not looking to find fault or be difficult, simply learn some new and simple cooking skills. Most cooks find that the whole experience is great fun and truly rewarding, and look forward to the next one. Remember too that teaching others also improves your own cooking skills. Planning and then running a cooking lesson helps think deeply about the whole process, from the ingredients used (and where they come from), to the preparing and the cooking process itself. Practising regularly and learning how to impart that knowledge in a clear and fun way helps improve our processes as cooks. It’s a win-win for everyone!

5. Earn for your time

Whilst most cooks think the greatest pleasure comes from sharing, guests are more than happy to pay cooks for their time and knowledge. This means that hosting a cooking class can also be a useful extra source of income, depending on how popular the classes are and how regularly they are held - both of which the cooks can, of course, decide. Eataway is creating a global community which can allow both cooks and guests to get a much better deal than what is currently offered. At present, if you want to take a cooking class or course, the options are probably not that good. Of course, there are professional courses (which often cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds), but apart from being expensive, they are also only in certain locations, like big cities, so require a big effort to attend. Eataway cooking classes offer local lessons, the chance for guests to learn from real home cooks in a practical and inexpensive way, and for cooks to make a little extra for their time and effort.