5 Great Reasons to join an Eataway Cooking Class

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Preparing and eating food together is the original social network. So forget about Facebook for a while and join your real neighbours to learn how to make some delicious new meals!

1. Learn a new skill

As Albert Einstein said, ‘Learning is an experience. Everything else is just information’. We agree! Cooking Classes with Eataway are opportunities to go beyond simply acquiring the necessary information to make food, and offer the chance to fully immerse oneself in the whole process of preparing either a particular dish or whole meal. Our home cooks are practically-minded and hands-on, and whilst some may have a formal background in cooking, all of them have the most important knowledge of all - cooking regularly for family and friends and making it fun!
Joining a cooking class means at the end of the event, you will be able to go home having not just memories of eating and enjoying great food, but with the necessary skills to be able to share that great food with your family and friends.

2. Meet Your Neighbours

Society has changed so much in recent decades. Whether it is people moving around the world to find new opportunities, or leaving small towns to migrate to the cities, the result is the same - communities that don’t know their neighbours as well as they should. Whether we live in apartment blocks or single homes, the chances are we don’t know those around us as well as we should. Cooking classes are a great way to start meeting our neighbours and also those in the communities we visit. Once we’ve cooked together, we are never strangers again!

3. Eat Healthily

Learning a new dish or style of cooking also brings health benefits as well. Typically, we cook the dishes we are familiar with time and again, and whilst this helps us perfect a few dishes (well enough, for sure, to be able to teach others how to cook them), it means our diet is not be as varied as it could be - and a varied diet is a healthy diet! With Eataway cooking classes, you might be able to learn how to make fermented food, for example, like kimchi or pickled cabbage, both superfoods packed with vitamins and excellent for overall health, as well as being delicious! These sorts of foods are fantastic for your health, easy and cheap to make, and form a great part of a healthy diet. And, it doesn’t really need to be said, but these sorts of foods, prepared at home, are so much better than anything you can buy in the shops. When you’ve made it yourself, you know exactly what ingredients you have used, where they have come from, and their quality.

4. Learn about other Cultures

Food is more than simple nutrition. Food is also strongly interwoven with the cultures of the communities who make it. By joining an Eataway Cooking Class, we can learn so much about the history and philosophy of the country the food comes from. For example, pickled and fermented foods often tell the story of harsh winters, when food had to be preserved during the summer and autumn in order to provide sustenance in the hard winter months, and especially a source of vitamins when no fresh fruits or vegetables were available. Air-dried food such as biltong, from Southern Africa, nowadays thought of as simply a delicious snack, was the means of survival for roaming hunters who needed to preserve the meat from animals they killed in a time and place without fridges. Some famous meals and foods also have a strong religious connotation. In Greece, for example, baklava is supposed to be made with 33 dough layers, referring to the years of Christ's life. Every meal tells a story!

5. 'Travel' without travelling

We all love to travel! Travel is growing exponentially, and increasing numbers of people are lucky enough to be able to visit new places increasingly regularly. But sometimes, we just don’t have the time or opportunity to make that getaway, so why not go to a cooking class near you, and ‘travel’ without leaving your neighbourhood? Eataway cooking classes are not just about enjoying cooking experiences with locals whilst on holiday, but even more on discovering the great cooks from around the world who live in your home neighbourhood. In our modern world, with people now deciding to live all across the globe, you no longer have to travel to Japan to learn how to cook genuine Japanese food. Explore your neighbourhood through Eataway cooking classes. Who knows what you can learn to make? Delicious pierogi from a Polish family, perhaps, or macaroons with a French couple living in your community? The ‘staycation’ is green and emmissions-free and has never been so exotic!