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My name is Jen - I am married w/ 2 boys....ages 16 & 15.

We enjoy travel! I love the beach and hiking in the mountains too! I enjoy making earrings! My husband is in the Coast Guard and we use to live in the Netherlands and miss Europe very much! We are visiting Krakow because my husbands great grandfather came to the USA from Krakow!!

We are excited to visit!!!

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Jen reviewed a meal with Marta
Our eataway experience was the highlight of our 2 week European trip!!!! Marta is amazing! What delicious Pierogis we learned to make - and we are back home, in the USA, and will teach our friends soon!!!! Thank you Marta!!! We are so lucky to have had this experience and we recommend it to everyone!!!!
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Jen booked a meal with Marta in Kraków
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Cooking class with the founder
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