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Ami booked a meal with Marta in Kraków
180 PLN
Cooking class with the founder
Sek, 9 Vas @ 10:30
393 reviews
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Ami reviewed a meal with Mira
Mira is absolutely fabulous host! Her Lunar New Year dinner was spectacular. She is sweet, kind, and gracious besides being a spectacular chef. She explained the Korean dishes and gave a little history (and context) about specific foods and their significance. We had three kinds of kimchee, two appetizers, soup, dumplings, noodles with vegetables, simmered pork ribs and a rice and red bean dessert. She also served wine, a fruit compost and green tea. It was a group of twelve people and it was flawless. It was a feast for the eyes and our tummies. Everything was perfect!
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Ami reviewed a meal with Robert
Robert was a great host! We had a lovely breakfast (including lots of baked goodies jams and spreads. The French style scrambled eggs were divine! The class is small so you get lots of attention and can really participate. Robert is a professional cook/chef. His baking class demystifies baking-breaking it down into steps and having us participate in kneading the dough. This is a great class for home chefs who want to learn how to bake.
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Ami booked a meal with Mira in Kraków
90 PLN
Pen, 7 Vas @ 19:00
621 reviews
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Ami booked a meal with Robert in Kraków
100 PLN
Cooking Class
Šeš, 11 Sau @ 10:00
13 reviews
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Ami joined Eataway in Kraków

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