'Jedzenie w terenie' is a place where we present various ways of preparing vegetarian and vegan meals in the best kitchen in the world - in nature.

We are bringing tables to the forest and organize culinary workshops.

We arrange outdoor 'secret suppers', where tastes, textures, sounds, and aromas combine in magical places.

During our 'yoga brunch' events, your body is being stimulated and nourished in an open air.

We meet with children and their parents at birthday parties, picnics or outdoor cinemas.

One of our goals is to combine food with travel and encourage people to cultivate the tradition of camping by cooking outside.

We are eager to meet new people and gather with them around a campfire with local food and good wine.

Nina is an airline financial analyst by profession. She is passionate about experiments in an outdoor kitchen and a mom of one-year-old Franio.

Grzegorz is a landscape architect and a supervisor of the green area constructions. He is interested in a campfire as a place for preparing food and an excellent location for socializing.

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Nina became a cook in Kraków


Kraków, Poland
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Nina joined Eataway in Kraków

Kraków Poland

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