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Goska reviewed a meal with Sabina
Catherine & I had a fabulous cooking class with Sabina. Loved her delicious lavender challah with honey. Our entire experience was “sprinkled” with delicious Polish treats like home made lavender drink, local cherries & delicious cold beet soup to name a few! Her recipes for challah & pierogi were delicious. Her”challah” pancake was absolutely heavenly. We also made blueberry & strawberry pierogi for dessert. Catherine & I had a fantastic time with Sabina -cooking, laughing & sharing her passion for home made farm to table food.
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Goska booked a meal with Sabina in Kraków
160 PLN
Pir, 1 Lie @ 10:30
2 reviews
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Goska requested a meal with Sabina

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Goska booked a meal with Marta in Kraków
120 PLN
Cook with Eataway's Founder
Tre, 3 Lie @ 10:30
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