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Homemade Spicy Beef Sauce 2580

This sauce is from my family secret recipe which contains beef, chilly, two kinds of different types of Chinese traditional preserved beans (DOUBAN and DOUCHI), red pepper, spices... It requires a complicated process on producing, each step shows unique ingenuity.

This beef sauce goes so well with almost anything -- noddle, rice, dumplings, bread, salad or you can use it as an ingredient when cooking your own spicy food.

*This sauce does NOT contain any nuts or nuts related object.

* Please store in your refrigerator.

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Plačiau apie virėją,Zoe


Hey~ This is Zoe. I moved from Shanghai to Krakow with my family.

We've been visited many other countries around the world. No wonder, each time we enjoyed the local foods.

However, there would always come out a wish of having some nice Chinese dishes after a while.

I started to cook my first dish when I was a primary student. Yes, I was trying to find something interesting, meanwhile to comfort my stomach. And I made it! Since then, reading recipes and try to make different good tastes occupied lots of my spare times.

With my husband and daughter being very responsible for his new project and her new school life, I'm spending tons of times making nice foods at home. I'd love to share them with all of you.

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