Eataway Saturday: Genius Fermentation Class with Eataway Cooks!

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Eataway Saturday: Genius Fermentation Class with Eataway Cooks!

Last weekend our Eataway cooks from Kraków - Mira, Marta, Bożena and Magda hosted a cooking class about food fermentation. Thanks to Jolanta Kleser who runs her cooking atelier “Pracownia Smaku” in Katowice they were able to share their passion for home fermentation.

In recent years food fermentation has become trendy. Which foodie worth his salt has not heard about Sandor’s Katz famous bestseller “The Art of Fermentation”? People travel a lot and they are becoming more open to the food of other cultures, and discover delicious food from all over the world which they would also like to make at home, including such things as sauerkraut, kombucha or kimchi.

If you have no idea how to make your own kimchi or you are just afraid because you think it looks terribly difficult, just have a look below. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook fan page to find out about the date of upcoming fermentation classes in October!

Mira, one of the most famous Eataway cooks, explained with passion how to make authentic and spicy kimchi. We tried different types of this Korean delicacy. Some of them were just a few days old, and the others - more than one year old! Pure crunchy, sour and spicy deliciousness!

Mira’s kimchi is based on a traditional recipe of her family. What makes it so special? Is it gochujang, a spicy chili powder which Mira gets regularly from her family in Korea (it grows in their garden). Or, maybe, the secret is this flavourful Korean sea salt?

What else makes Mira’s kimchi so magic? Korean fish sauce, saeujeot - fermented shrimps, ginger, garlic, kombu, dried anchovies and sweet rice flour...

Even freshly made kimchi tastes great and this is how Mira’s son likes it the most. If you join the class, you will discover that making kimchi is not difficult, it is just a bit time consuming.

Bożena, who was born in the ex-USSR know nearly everything about Middle and Far Eastern cooking. Exploring secrets of the fermentation process is her passion. Bożena ferments almost everything, including meat!

Bożena brought various types of green pickled plant leaves which usually are regarded as inedible. Are you curious to taste fermented ground elder, hollyhocks, purple shisu or nasturtium leaves?

Thanks to Bożena we found out that not only they are edible, but also tasty and nutritious. The same applies to her oriental sauerkraut with fresh Vietnamese mint called “rau ram”.

Or maybe you would be tempted to taste one of Bożena’s homemade beverages, such as a delicate “kvas” made from fermented oats or a drink from fermented sweet potatoes? We guarantee that they refresh.

Bożena also knows many variations for Middle Eastern preserved lemons. One of them includes lemon, sea salt, Nigella seeds, saffron or marigold.

Marta, meanwhile brought tomatoes fermented in brine with lemongrass, and different specimens of preserved bell peppers and fermented cauliflowers. Each summer Marta makes tons of dill pickles, sauerkraut, preserved zucchini and other veggies that grow in her garden in Marcyporęba.

Marta shared her recipe for cucumbers fermented in brine with garlic, chili and horseradish.

Of course we could not miss “plain” home-made sauerkraut which Marta made using a mandoline slicer handed down from her grandma Honorata.

The whole event was moderated by Magda who is a researcher of ancient recipes in old cook books. Michał, our photographer took these great pictures for us! BTW, have you already tasted his Takeaway box?