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Let’s eat and meet eachother! This time join me for a Polish Dinner Party!

For a starter i will serve traditional herring marinated in linseed oil with sour cream and polish apple.

The queen of the night will be roasted duck with apples served with red cabbage and potatoes.

And for the dessert you will try traditional Easter treat – Pascha a type of cheesecake served cold with nuts and caramelized orange zest. It’s my favourite dessert from childhood and brings back lovely memmories.

Welcome all tourists, foreigners, expats and locals as well for a real feast. It is so much fun to eat together with new people and share your stories!

I will definetylly share mine and some polish liquers as well☺

Wine, polish beer, kompot – fruit punch, water, cofee and tea are included in price but feel free if you want to bring your favourite bootle.

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After graduation, I packed my backpack and went on a journey around the world, which turned out to be the biggest adventure of my life. I lived in many interesting places and the last stop was Key West, Florida, where the influx of immigrants from Cuba and other Caribbean countries has created a real fest of cooking. This place was my home for two years and inspired me to open a food truck with Cuban sandwiches "La Chica Sandwicheria" https://www.facebook.com/lachicasandwicheria/

I love my job, because I love to feed and meet new people. I am a true Aquarius, because on the beach, in the water and in sports such as surfing and windsurfing I am in my element. I can not imagine life without music and chocolate :) I invite every foodie to a real home feast where all the flavours from around the world and my travels come together.

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